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Support the Endowment
Why Should I Give to the Endowment?

An endowment gift demonstrates one's belief that we are only stewards, entrusted by God, to use wisely what God has placed in our hands. When an individual creates an endowment gift for the Church during or beyond their lifetime, it declares the importance of our faith and trust in God. 

Consider that the Endowment Fund is the Church's spare fuel tank to drive funding of specific needs that support its vision and mission. Your legacy may involve: 

  • Realizing your passion by funding a special project. 

  • Providing for special needs of the worship and music activities. 

  • Valuable support for mission projects. 

  • Providing assistance to community programs that the church supports, such as Good Samaritan, Good Shepherd, or to start a new ministry. 

  • Funding of a high value future need of the church. 


Please consider providing a gift, as you can make a difference in the life of the church and the community. If you are interested in contributing to the church’s Endowment, click the button below.

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