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What We Believe


We seek to be a church who cultivates believers, disciples, and servants who transform our community and world for Christ.


We believe in God, the Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit. We seek to know the will of God and to walk in His ways known and to be made known to us; to proclaim the gospel to all persons; to work and pray for the progress of knowledge, the promotion of justice, the reign of peace, and human understanding. And we look with faith for the triumph of righteousness and the life everlasting. 


Worship God

Introduce People to Christ

Grow in Relationship with God

Care for Each Other

Serve the Community

Reach the World

Provide a Place for the Community


We are an interdenominational fellowship whose only label is Christian

and whose only head is Christ.

Rather than ridding ourselves of the denominational heritage

our members bring, we embrace and celebrate them.

We believe we all have gifts to share and have much to learn from
one another as we seek to be as inclusive as the love as God.

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